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Our Mission

Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity is a gender-inclusive organization dedicated to: promoting lifelong learning, inspiring Members to lead, and cultivating lasting fraternal bonds, while always conducting our lives with honor. We consecrate ourselves to a life of social service with the goal of improving humanity through our principles: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship.

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About the Beta Delta Chapter

Since November 1, 1992, the Beta Delta chapter has worked to express, through our brotherhood, the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship at NC State University.


We have a large brotherhood of almost 70 members, all of which are proud to be a part of the Fraternity, and we emphasize our commitment to Fellowship.  There is nothing we love more than spending time with each other and being there whenever someone needs us. That's why we have such a strong brotherhood; these friendships will last a lifetime. 

Our Tripod



The scholarship third of our tripod keeps us learning. While we do have academic goals that every brother must meet, we also encourage learning new things together. Our Scholarship Committee plans events that are based around learning something that may be out of our comfort zone. We have gone to painting classes, learned yoga, attempted hip-hop dancing, and even gone to a pole dancing class!


The leadership third of our tripod lets us give back to the community. We show our leadership through our Adopt-A-Highway clean-ups, but also through events planned by our Leadership Committee. We have participated in Service Raleigh, Dress for Success, Habitat for Humanity, and on-campus charity events. Phi Sigma Pi's national philanthropy is in the process of changing, but in the past we have spray painted the Free Expression Tunnel and planned other events in support of Teach for America.



The fellowship third of our tripod is what makes us a true brotherhood. While we bond through the other two-thirds of the tripod, we become close doing other things. We have events specifically for bonding, like retreats, but we all get to know each other best when we are grabbing dinner before our chapter meetings, hanging out in each other's dorms, or studying together at the library. Our brotherhood extends outside of PSP events and becomes life-long friendship.

Meet Our Chapter Advisor
Connor Brady

As our Chapter Advisor, Connor Brady acts as the brotherhood's connection with the university. Connor currently works as a Community Director for NC State's East Campus (Bagwell, Becton, Berry Halls). Connor has also been a partner with our national philanthropy, the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) Foundation, for over 10 years. He currently serves as a Regional Project Director for HOBY. 

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National Philanthropy

Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation

The North Carolina HOBY Leadership Seminar is a 3-day leadership program for approximately 140 rising high school juniors held each June. HOBY Ambassadors have an opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills, learn about their personal leadership styles, and form an appreciation for community service. They attend panel sessions featuring prominent speakers from our government, businesses, media, and educational communities. They participate in leadership development workshops and activities. HOBY Ambassadors also participate in a community service project and learn how they can lead in service in their own communities. As a result of their experiences, the high school Ambassadors return to their schools and communities eager to make a difference and share what they have learned.

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