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See common questions asked during our recruitment process and learn more about the Beta Delta chapter of Phi Sigma Pi!

Do I have to dress up for recruitment events?

Nope! All of our events are totally casual, so please come as you are!

Do I have to pay to attend the info sessions and events?

Absolutely not, all of our recruitment events are 100% free of charge.

Can I still join if I am a part of social or academic fraternity?

Yes! Phi Sigma Pi doesn't interfere with you being in another Greek organization. We currently have brothers active in Kappa Delta and Theta Tau!

Do I need to bring anything to the info sessions and events?

Just a great attitude a smiling face and any questions that you might have!

Do I have to go to ALL of the events?

You are not required to attend all of the events, but we would like you to attend at least 5. If you can't attend 5, we help you schedule Chapter Chats for the events you can't make. Please note that the information sessions do not count as one of the 5 events. If you can't make it to an info session, please contact recruitment and we can work things out with your schedule.

What are Chapter Chats?

Chapter Chats are a way for Potential New Members (PNMS) to meet the 5 event minimum if they have scheduling issues. Chapter Chats allow PNMS to talk with a brother about PSP, ask any questions they might have, and are at least 30 mins long. For example, if a PNM can only make 3 events, they will need to have 3 Chapter Chats. Chapter Chats work around your schedule so that you are able to meet the brotherhood and show your interest in joining the fraternity.

What are PNM Reflections?

Once recruitment week is finished, PNMs will schedule a chat in front of the exec board and recruitment where they will be asked questions to see if the brotherhood is a good fit for them. We ask all PNMs to dress business casual and will work with your schedule if you are unable to make it to reflections window

When do I receive a bid?

After your reflection is complete, a brother will contact you about delivering your bid to a location most convenient for you.

What is Initiate Retreat?

Initiate Retreat is weekend camping experience that allows for initiates to bond with each other and get to know the brotherhood more. If weather allows, initiates and brothers will spend 2 nights at a campsite doing team building and bonding activities. In cases of bad weather, initiates can spend the night in a brother's house.

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